Warning Times
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Character Information
Type Vigilante Group
Founded 1998
Founded At Manuel Town, Snowlands
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Headquarters 53 Mulberry Street, Pollock City, Acrolia District, Snowlands
Leader - Stella Sinque† (deceased)
- Lyka Sinque (current)
Members - Catherine Darklust
- Terran McDonnell
- Edward Li (ally)
Goals TBD
Status Active
Warning Times is a vigilante group formed mostly by the Sinque family.


Mortal Reminder




  • This group is inspired when Widow named the group "Sinque" on an unknown match in boardgame-online.
  • This group mostly consist of members who do have the power of time.
  • Currently, Raika Sinque is the strongest of the team, which she is capable of defeating Shiro Maizono, but is on the same level as Corey Juno.
    • Terran Li, is the weakest of the team, but still a valuable asset for them.
    • Though Catherine Darklust beat her multiple times, she isn't capable of defeating Maizono.
  • All of the members of the team, but Catherine, is lenient on ordering stuff on Papa's restaurants.
    • In some cases, Raika orders too complexive.
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