She even did everything all of the sudden...?! I thought she is just... ugh. I know Lyka can be this powerful, so I'll have to go against my student once again and beat her up!
- Shiro Maizono, upon hearing Widow Schrond rampage
Shiro Maizono
ErikahMabayo Maizono Profile1
Character Information
Title Self-Proclaimed Demon Slayer
Gender Male
Birthday December 24, 1957
Occupation Vigilante
Power Level Tier 6
Characteristics (expand)
Characteristics (collapse)
Residence Unknown (No fixed abode)
Occupation Vigilante
Faction Independent
Police Department (formerly)

Vladimir Antonovich Gagarin, alias Shiro Maizono, is one of Widow's FCs.


Not much is known with Shiro Maizono besides being spiritually powerful, he is known to destroy demons out of his sight.


Shiro Maizono, following the police orders, he is aligned as Lawful Good due to his reformed actions.


The Reformed

Vladimir is a prestigious undercover police officer, and is also known as a mentor of Martha Witherwood until a certain incident. Though, he was a former criminal that was caught by Dmac Ulangan when he was a private, and the times on the heist that Maizono had time to use his other form, Dmac caught him and arrested him. However, he quickly understand why it did happen, and he doesn't like to be arrested for such an order, hence he want to have freedom. He quickly stated the leader who ordered him to do such a chaos, and he stated that he want to be a police officer someday.

Though He had time to catch Jared in time, and brought to Dmac. Maizono's innocence is proved as Jared was arrested of such chaos. Maizono continued to be the undercover in that way. Some time ago, Jared stated the true culprit and Jared then proved his innocence.

Later on, as he trains later, he was ordered to destroy every single person whom is demon-hybrid for a good reason. There are two survivors though: Lyka Sinque and Widow Schrond. He is later ordered to kill Widow.

Mortal Reminder

You... surpassed me very quickly...
- Shiro Maizono

There are numerous people who challenged Widow Schrond starting her notoriety, those of them whom are used to be friends with her. He was the one who challenged her first, which he was well-known as the one who is on equal to her, but was then killed when Martha took the final blow of her sword staggering Shiro's body, causing him to bleed until he dies.

His defeat was known by a CCTV Camera and raising Widow's bounty. However, someone accidentally broke the camera and he has unknowingly escaped. He was then counted as dead, though his body was never be found, but in a camera. There's some evidences that he apparently attacked Samoa but was single-handedly defeated after his bloodbath, forcing him to pass out due to his high blood loss.

Current Time

He, however, in even of the gruesome injuries, managed to survive as Athena Ishtaria aid him to the hospital, and to the Witherwood Mansion. He is unable to restore most of the memories, even his name, but his own powers. He was then given the name Shiro Maizono by Athena herself.

Flipverse Appearance

Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack!


Papa Louie 3: When Sundaes Attack!



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