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Leonard "Len" Unknown-middle-name Spencer Chaodiamond is a character created by AyKooChao, who will finish this page later.


Len was born in Milwith, Miptown on the 9th of March, W1516. He was the first child of Elliott Spencer and Vanessa Elwood, who got married the next year.

Len was almost fifteen years old when Consistency Nottagen forgot that she was the Grand Supreme Mip and the Mipdom was passed on to some random weirdo. This weirdo, Ay-Koo Tay-Bay Creativa Incredulous Onomatopoeia Clickpencil Chao, invited Len's family to live with her in Mipley Mansion. They accepted, and one month later, the Spencers made the trip from Milwith to Santrell, where they took up residence on the second floor of the mansion. Since Nottagen had erased every school in Miptown except the one known by most Wherevs as "Consistency's Whatever-school" (now AyChao Academy), Mr. and Mrs. Spencer decided to homeschool their children. Spending more time inside Mipley Mansion gave Len the opportunity to meet the other cornflakes who lived there, including one girl who he developed a crush on.


"Meebling micro-what?
-His catchphrase whenever he's surprised.

"AyChao, could you please do me a favour? I need you to confiscate her phone, hide her computer... basically, take away anything she can Meeble on. If anyone else finds out, I'm a doomed cornflake!"
-Len's response to a certain reqweet.


  • He has a crush on... someone in Miptown.
  • His MeebleIt screen name is Bluemoon12.
  • In grade 9, he played on Milwith High School's Zigball team for a while. However, he broke his arm in his second game when a boy on the other team who, in Len's words, "looked like he'd spent 90% of his life playing Zigball" flew directly into him, knocking him out of the air and effectively ending his Zigball career.
    • After the incident, Coco made him a hat with a sign on it saying "Zigball injury" for him to wear so he wouldn't need to explain it to anyone.