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Akira Minamoto (born 14 February 1990) is a Snowiss singer-songwriter and is also a prominent member of Hydrogen and Heartships.


Pre-Hydrogen Era

Akira is the only child of prominent author Jun Minamoto and retired actress Alisandra Lee, born in 14 February 1990 at the Royalista National Hospital in Centralia City, Snowlands. Alisandre Lee, being a privileged actress in the past received a one-year residence at the Existential Hotels in Centralia City. Soon after that expired, they relocated to Pollock City, Acrolia District. Most of Akira's childhood days were spent with her cousin Sachira who frequented their house often. Both girls liked to role-play cartoons and animations as well as sing their favorite songs out loud when Akira's parents are out. At 12 years old, Akira auditioned for the SNOW-E National Auditions at Centralia for she had promised herself to become a singer, as Sachira is going to be an animator.

Training Era

Akira was treated as one of the most prized jewels of her agency, due to her ability to draw attention to herself during a performance. Akira described her training times tough and wild, as though you've entered hell itself. However, the time spent on it was not wasted, because she came to debut with SNOW-E's girl group.

Hydrogen Era

Akira was the optimist in Hydrogen, appreciating almost every new song introduced to them by their producers, and also, each and every lyrical composition created by herself and her fellow members. Although some songs did not do good on the music market, she would still say "there's still next time, we can do it".

Akira tires out easily due to anemia. At one point, she has to take a month-long hiatus from the group because of hospitalization from fatigue and fever, as well as other injuries she have sustained during promotions.

She is classified as an A-class singer by the Snowiss Music Appreciation Commission.

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  • Akira and Sachira were formerly the same person, but then they were made separate due to conflicting biographies. This was because Sachira was formerly used as a placeholder for a Hydrogen member, and her original biography was forgotten by PsychicEspeon not until very recently.
    • Akira is now Sachira's older maternal cousin.
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